Your business defined it. We just tailor-made it with love.


We understand your needs as a Small to Medium Enterprise. You need to stock or procure raw materials, equipment, finance your orders, discount your invoices or promissory notes, build your own premises and above all financial advice. We give you excellent service to meet your needs in time.

When it comes to re-stocking finance, look nowhere else – IFS is for you.

Working Capital Loans

Term loans of $10 000plus-you access short-term loans to meet your working capital needs. This covers your stocking and raw material requirements.

Order Finance

This is a tailor-made facility that allows you to finance an order issued by a corporate when you have inadequate funds to meet the order.

Promissory Note / Invoice Discounting Facility

We provide you with funding pending receipt of your payments thereby smoothing your cash flow and allowing you to grow your business.

Building Finance

As your business grows you may need to move out of the rented premises or improve the premises
you operate from. Instead of using working capital, Inclusive Financial Services provides you with
building loan to acquire or improve your premises. Flexible terms. Excellent services.

Micro-Leasing Finance

As a small to medium enterprise, your desire is to acquire equipment or assets for your business
without significantly affecting your cash flows. This facility is best suited for equipment acquisition,
releasing cash flows for your business growth. No collateral required. Flexible terms.