At Inclusive Financial Services, we see things differently.

At Inclusive Financial Services, we see things differently.

Who we are.

At Inclusive Financial Services (Private) Limited, we make you realise dreams by listening to your needs, working together with you, building a strong relationship with you understanding you, innovatively designing relevant products and delivering to meet your expectations like no other microfinance institution.

Re-think Microfinance.

In Zimbabwe, microfinance institutions come in all sizes and forms. Some are tiny always close to you but lack resources to meet your needs. “Me too” microfinance institutions that do not have anything in particular about them but just strive to imitate other players which may not just serve your interest well. “Me-everything” microfinance institutions that try to do this and that without being good at one thing may lack a deep understanding of your needs. “Big ones” these may have all the resources at times, linked to big banks but lack commitment to community and a personal touch.You need the real deal.

Every seed when planted yearns to grow and multiply.

Every seed when planted yearns to grow and multiply.

We are a microfinance institution.

Inclusive financial Services (Private) Limited is Zimbabwe’s leading microfinance company founded by Gerald Zhou and Caroline Ndoro. It is developmental focused with the aim of empowering each and every one of its clients. We are accountable to our customers, employees and the communities which we serve. We thrive in responsible finance promoting mutually beneficial relationships and maintaining a great degree of excellence in all our dealings.

It is all about community.

At Inclusive Financial Services, you get to understand the real concept of microfinance, inclusive finance and the real concept of client service- it’s personal. We’d love to shake hands with courtesy and learn how we can help you realise your dreams.

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