Building a home or business premises one brick at a time together.


The facility is for the acquisition of your house or finances the expansion of your business premises. You also get a loan to improve your house.

Building the future together. Realise your dreams today!

Good terms.

You can purchase your stand or buy your house or business premises. We structure the loan repayments spreading them over a longer period so that your cash flows are not choked. You pay while living already in your dream.

Quick turnaround, excellent service.

We are time conscious and know why it is important for you to get an answer from us as
quick as possible. Within 3 days of submitting all documents required, you will be good to
receive our feedback.

Clients realise their dreams.

At Inclusive Financial Services we thrive in transforming your dreams into reality.

Facility for all Micro-Entrepreneurs.

This facility is tailor made especially for informal traders so that they build or buy low cost
houses. We do not need a pay slip for you to realise your dreams of owning your house or
business premises.

Opportunity for women to own houses in their names.

We identify with the plight of women, who in many circumstances do not own houses or
properties in their own names. Women who apply to build or buy houses or business
premises which will be given tittles in their own names receive the highest priority from us.
Our goal is that we have many women especially those involved in informal trading to own
houses in Zimbabwe.