Inclusive Financial Services (Private) Limited recognised as the best financial institution supporting Small to Medium Enterprises

ifszim awards

Gweru, Zimbabwe, October 26, 2018- Inclusive Financial Services (Private) Limited has been recognised by Zimbabwe’s Chamber of Small to Medium Enterprises as the best financial institution supporting small to medium enterprises. This award is the highest overall honour in the financial institution category. Founded as a microfinance institution in 2012, Inclusive Financial Services (Private) Limited is providing responsible financial solutions to microenterprises, small to medium enterprises, small holder farmers and youth entrepreneurs across the country.

“We thrive in providing responsible financial services to small to medium enterprises, building long lasting relationships. We are particular about delivering great service to our clients. Many financial institutions now take clients or client which is regrettable,” said Gerald Zhou the Chief Executive Officer of Inclusive Financial Services (Private) Limited. “We want to thank and congratulate our talented team for making this award possible through all their hard work”.
Inclusive Financial Services has also been recognised with the similar prestigious award by ZNCC, awarded to the best financial institution supporting SMEs.

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