Inclusive Financial Services Endorsed Winner In Microfinance At Megafest National Leadership Awards

Inclusive Financial Services a leading microfinance company in Zimbabwe was ranked winner in the Microfinance Sector Category at the recently held National Megafest Leadership Award ceremony in Harare, Rainbow Towers on 31 May 2018.

Inclusive Financial Services continues to shine acquiring many accolades for its sterling performance in microfinance service provision in the country. The organisation serves microenterprises, SMEs, smallholder farmers, people with disabilities, women and youth entrepreneurs availing them Inclusive Financial Services and empowering communities. Speaking at the awards ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer, Dr Gerald Zhou said “the organisation is honoured to receive the award as it endorsed Inclusive Financial Services’ commitment to its mission and impact in the communities. Inclusive Financial Services has won many accolades since its inception in 2012 reinforcing its pole position and sterling performance in Zimbabwe’s microfinance sector.

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