Client Testimonials.

Client Testimonials.


Comforter Marketing Company

Comforter Marketing Company is a registered company that specialises in transport. The company has been in operation for the past 9 years. The company mainly operates in Victoria Falls, they also do vehicle hire. The company is ever busy. The company started in April 2008 and the organisation has two directors.
After facing a few financial challenges Comforter Marketing Company got a hand from Inclusive Financial Services. On an interview with one of the directors, he said that IFS has been sent to us for sure, “We have no doubt that you are a cut above the rest.” He also posed a question, “Why don’t you guys just open a bank? You have what it takes. Thank you IFS.”
Comforter Marketing Company has benefited from IFS and they are being the first Micro-Leasing facility beneficiary in Victoria Falls.

Dorica Ruguva

Dorica Ruguva is a female entrepreneur based in Gutu. She is one of the beneficiaries of the INCLUSIVE FINANCIAL SERVICES micro enterprise facility.
Dorica has been a client with INCLUSIVE FINANCIAL SERVICES since February 2018. She lives in Old location a high density suburb of Gutu with her Husband and 3 children. Though having been married for the past 18 years she has been working hard to sustain her family. Before joining INCLUSIVE FINANCIAL SERVICES Dorica ran the business on a limited range of grocery products and managed a small clothing flea market. Although she earned an income on these projects it was not enough to support her mother and provide for her family.
Aspiring to expand her business Dorica decided to take out a loan and took her first loan facility in February 2018. She used the money to buy more stock for her grocery business. Prior the INCLUSIVE FINANCIAL SERVICES loan facility Dorica had been living on a hand to mouth routine in her business due to low stocking rates. After INCLUSIVE FINANCIAL SERVICES financed her she managed to acquire a swiping machine and an Ecocash merchant code.
Dorica says that she appreciates work done by INCLUSIVE FINANCIAL SERVICES bringing

Merian Moyo

Merian Moyo is a 33years old married woman who runs a bottle store at Esihlengeni, for the past 2 years. She sells liquor, fizzy drinks, snacks, biltong and cigarettes. She was a challenge in restocking as well as in carrying her products from Bulawayo to Esihlengeni as she had to pay about $30 everyday on the bus to transport her stock. It was until she got the opportunity to access a facility from Inclusive Financial Services, that her dreams have been converted to reality from December 2017. “Inclusive financial services came through for me at a very critical time, l accessed a facility from them a few days before the festive season and stocked up in anticipation of the high demand. True to my speculation demand was really high and this brought a huge increase in my profit levels.
After accessing a facility from Inclusive Financial Services, my business made a great improvement, it’s amazing how l have progressed using the funds. I managed to boost my business and increase stock levels. As if that was not enough they advised me to get my own car so that l cut on transport costs and gain an asset in the process, l had never thought of that this made me realise that Inclusive Financial Services really cares about my success and believe in me as a woman entrepreneur. In February this year l bought a vehicle through their micro leasing facility this has made my life a whole lot easier and reduced costs as well as increased my status in the community. Words alone cannot explain my gratitude to IFS, for their support, both with funds and mentorship, they have taken me to a level l never thought l could ever reach”

Batumi Ncube: Royal Arcade Branch

‘’Humble beginnings’’, people say. Against all odds and despite the harsh economic conditions Batumi managed to sail through and climb the in the business world. After acquiring a Diploma in cutting and designing Batumi Ncube always felt a call to start her own business and stand on her own two feet. Being a young, passionate and hardworking lady who has a desire to learn Batumi trained under Bulawayo Projects Centre that empowers youth. When IFS engaged Batumi she was running a food business and she was into transportation, she had one Nissan Caravan which was commuting the Tsholotsho route.
Batumi started as a Youth client at IFS her main goal for taking up a facility was to boost her food business. Her clientele base being Kevin North industrial site. She then graduated to taking up the Microenterprise facility at IFS as she needed more capital for her growing business. Batumi then decided to focus more on her transportation business .It was at this juncture that the Royal Arcade team advised her to move to the Micro leasing facility, under this facility IFS managed to purchase two vehicles for the client to date .Currently Batumi is the proud owner of three vehicles that commute the Tsholotsho route. She has managed to thrive in a man’s world by defying the status quo of women not having the stamina to run their own business.
Some say that, ‘’having a dream is like building castles in the air’’ but with Batumi she dared to dream. ‘’IFS has helped me to thrive and with your help I have managed to achieve that which was impossible’’ says Batumi Ncube.

Justin Mpofu

Justin Mpofu is a 33years old married man who is into shoe repairing business, for the past 5 years. He manufactures leather sandals, belts, and formal and safari shoes among other products. He has been having a challenge of machinery and transport to carry his products. It was until he got the opportunity to access a facility from Inclusive Financial Services, that his dreams has been converted to reality from May 2017. “After accessing a facility from Inclusive Financial Services, my business made a U turn for the better, it’s even unbelievable how l have progressed using the funds. I managed to buy another machinery of sowing shoes, and with their continuous support and mentorship, just less than a year since l worked closely with IFS, l have did it again and purchased a Nissan vehicle to use in business, I can now safely say l am living in what was once my dream. As from now, l am expecting to have my own stand to do business at a much larger scale. Even though l’m short of gratitude words, l am too grateful to IFS, for their support, both with funds and mentorship, they made me live in my dream”.

He has since expanded his market from only Hwange town, to covering up to Binga, and has been very mobile and efficient in delivering to his customers
“Inclusive Financial Services has made me live in my dream, its unforgettable”