You are assured of success in your career path.

Inclusive Financial Services (Pvt) Limited welcomes interns from various colleges and universities. This provides our students to experience and learn in a professional environment. We welcome students for attachment from the following disciplines:- ICT, business studies, finance, marketing, risk management, baking, graphic designing and digital marketing.

As an organisation, we ensure you acquire the most sort after skills. If you are an exceptional performer you have the opportunity to re-join the organisation after completion of your studies. Send an application letter together with CV to

Work Experience is Fundamental

There is a serious gap between theory and practice, expectations and reality. Inclusive financial Services (Pvt) Limited conducts career guidance for College and University students who desire to join professional organizations and make it to the top. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is application.

Choose the right career path

At Inclusive Financial Services we help you with the necessary material to develop a career path that you want.

What to expect

  • Career guidance
  • Opportunities and how to prepare in advance
  • Grooming and etiquette
  • How to make employers look for you
  • How to climb to corporate ladder

Who can attend and requirements

  • You should be a college student preparing for attachment or about to finish your diploma/or degree and looking to get employed
  • You will be required to pay a nominal fee to attend
  • IFS only takes 50 students per each training session

Book your session for career guidance by filling out the following:-


You may desire to gain valuable experience in microfinance on a voluntary basis. As a volunteer you may join our teams for a period of three months. If you are an exceptional performer and there are opportunities within the organisation, you are given priority to be part of this excellent team. Send your application together with Cv to

commitment opens new better doors.

Angeline Mvura

Client Service Champion

“IFS is associated with passion, perseverance, determination and excellence. It grooms from zero to hero”

Finance Officer

Craig Hankwebe

“There is nowhere I would rather be than be here in an organisation where my efforts and work towards the goals (the organisation has set) are appreciated”

Desire Mukonomuwi

Student Attachee

“Being associated with an excellent organisation like IFS is assisting me to be productive, efficient and confident as well as assisting me in the transit from college life to a professional working environment”-
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Invest in a new beginning at Inclusive Financial Services. To find out more about the vacancies available at Inclusive Financial Services, please select the relevant branch on the map or one of the branch links to invest in a new beginning at Inclusive Financial Services.

Look beyond the job

Client Service Champion

We are recruiting for the above position that has arisen in one of our branches

Client centric
Good interpersonal skills
Pays particular attention to detail
Particular with regards to smartness and service delivery
Honest, reliable and dependable
Excellent communication skills
Ability to offer clients sound advice

Knowledge in microfinance an added advantage
Diploma or degree in Mass communication, Secretarial studies, Marketing, Developmental studies, Public relations
2yrs+ experience in front office environment

Location and how to apply
Suitable candidates email pdf CV to
Position is located in Gokwe
Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply

Loans Officers

We have openings for the above positions.

Hard working and goal oriented
Be willing to locate anywhere in Zimbabwe
Good business development skills
Relationship management skills
Honesty, reliability and dependability
Sound analytical and numerical skills
Mature and trainable
Good presentation skills

2 years+ experience in a sales or business development environment
Diploma or first degree with bias towards business, development studies or risk management
Professional qualification in Microfinance, credit management will be an added advantage (Frankfurt qualification)

Location and how to apply
Candidates should be prepared to be allocated to any of our current or upcoming branches
Post your CV to Please indicate clearly the position applied for.
Only CVs that meet the above criteria will be responded to.

Senior Credit Risk Officer

We have an opening for the above position.

You should have the following qualities:-
Good time management
Client centric
Assertiveness and self-driven
Sound analytical and numerical skills
Honesty, reliability and dependability

First degree with a bias to Risk Management studies.
3years+ experience in Credit Risk Management or Microfinance Management
Professional qualification in microfinance, credit risk management will be an added ; advantage (Frankfurt qualification; Making Microfinance Work ILO)
Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply

Location and how to apply
The position is based in Bulawayo
Post your CV to Please indicate clearly the position applied for.

Student attachee openings

We take students for attachment beginning December each year. Students seeking attachment can apply by emailing copies of Pdf CVs together with attachment letter from respective college or university to
Mature and desire to learn
Adaptable to working in a professional environment
Good interpersonal skills
Good time management
Honesty, reliability and dependability
NB: In your application indicate which branch is of preference.

Programmes considered
Business studies, Development studies, ICT, Risk Management, Marketing, Communication studies, Economics, Digital marketing