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Inclusive Finance

is more than A Microfinance institution

Inclusive Finance is a leading microfinance institution offering a wide range of innovative financial solutions to both rural and urban microenterprises, SMEs and small holder farmers. Its wide product range includes SMEs finance, agribusiness finance, micro-leasing finance, building finance, youth entrepreneurship finance and advisory services.


In Zimbabwe, microfinance institutions come in all sizes and forms. Some are tiny always close to you but lack resources to meet your needs. “Me too” microfinance institutions that do not have anything in particular about them but just strive to imitate other players which may not just serve your interest well. “Me-everything” microfinance institutions that try to do this and that without being good at one thing may lack deep understanding of your needs. You need the real deal. “Big ones” these may have all the resources at times, linked to big banks but lack commitment to community and a personal touch. Inclusive financial Services (Private) Limited is the right size and form. Inclusive financial Services (Private) Limited was formed in 2012. Its head office is in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. It has over 14 solid branches nationwide. We offer a full suite of products and services tailor made for micro enterprises, small to medium enterprises, small holder farmers and youth entrepreneurs.
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Inclusive Finance
Inclusive Financial Services (IFS) is a leading Financial Institution operating in Zimbabwe under the supervision of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. IFS commenced lending operations in 2012 and is on its way to become the leading provider of inclusive financial services.

The need for a financial institution that serves MSMES, the informal sector, agricultural activities and the underprivileged saw the birth of the company. It is developmental focused with the aim of empowering each and every one of its clients. We are accountable to our customers, employees and the communities which we serve.

We thrive in responsible finance promoting mutually beneficial relationships and maintaining a great degree of excellence in all our dealing. The company has been offering a wide range of products that mainly aim at financial inclusion, poverty alleviation, and the building of self-sustainable businesses, and the economy. The main driver for the success of IFS can be attributed to the focus on the economic drivers who are the SMEs and MSMEs, and Agricultural players.

The company has been awarded consecutively since 2013 to 2023 by Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce, Zimbabwe National Chamber of SMEs and Zimbabwe Institute of Management as the Best Financial Institution supporting SMEs and best organization in customer service and mostly recently the company was awarded by Zimbabwe Association of Microfinances (ZAMFI) as the Most Youth Friendly Microfinance. Many other awarding organizations like Musoni have recognized IFS as the outstanding microfinance institution and its innovative use of technology and impact in communities.

Awards & Achievements
  • - Best Financial Institution Supporting SMEs (ZNCC 2023)
- Best Financial Institution Supporting SMEs (ZNCC 2022) 
- Business man of the year-1st Runner Up (ZNCC 2022) 
- Best Financial Institution Supporting SMEs (ZNCC-Matabeleland Awards 2022) 
- Banker supporting SMEs (Zimbabwe Chamber of SMEs 2020) 
- Most Youth Friendly Micro Finance Institution (ZAMFI 2018)
- Customer Service Excellence (Zimbabwe Institute of Management 2018) 
- Banker Supporting SMEs (Zimbabwe Chamber of SMEs (ZCSME) 2018) 
- Best Microfinance Institution (Megafest 2018) 
- Business Man of the Year (ZCSME 2018) 
- Best Financial Institute Supporting SMEs (ZNCC 2018) 
- Enterprise Development Support-1st Runner Up (ZNCC-Midlands Awards 2018) 
- Business Man of the Year-1st Runner Up (ZNCC-National Awards 2018) 
- Leader in Microfinance (Megafest 2018) 
- Enterprise Development Support (ZNCC-Matabeleland Awards 2018) 
- Enterprise Development Support (ZNCC-National Awards 2018) 
- Taxpayer Appreciation Award (ZIMRA 2017) 
- Excellent Business Personality (Megafest 2017) 
- Outstanding Top 20 Men of the Year (Megafest 2017) 
- Service Excellence (CCAZ 2017) 
- Best Marketed Organisation (Megafest 2017) 
- Most Innovative use of Technology (Musoni 2017) 
- Customer Focus of the Year (Megafest 2017)
  • - National Customer Service Excellence (Zimbabwe Institute of Management 2017)
  • - Microfinance of Choice Lowveld (Zimbabwe Institute of Management 2017)
    - Best Financial Institution Supporting SMEs (ZNCC 2016)
    - Financial Institution Supporting SMEs (ZNCC 2016)
    - Financial Supporter of the year (ZCSME 2016)
    - Customer Service Excellence (Zimbabwe Institute of Management 2016)
    - Financial Supporter of the Year (ZCSME 2016)
    - Customer Service Excellence (Zimbabwe Institute of Management 2016)
    - 1st Runner up Enterprise Development Support (ZNCC 2016)
    - Outstanding Service Excellence Organization (CCAZ 2016)
    - Financial Institution Supporting SMEs (ZNCC 2016)
    - Service Excellence Executive (CCAZ 2016)
    - Businessman of the Year (ZNCC 2016)
    - CEO of the Year (Megafest 2016)
    - Southern Region Enterprise Supporter (ZNCC 2015)
    - National Enterprise Supporter (ZNCC 2015)
    - Businessman of the Year (ZNCC 2015)
    - Outstanding Businessman of the Year (Megafest 2015)
    - Zimbabwe Businessman of the Year (Megafest 2015) 
  • - Most Outstanding Organization (Megafest 2015) 
  • - Most Outstanding Organization (Megafest 2014)
Our Corporate Philosophy
Our Purpose
To transform the livelihoods of our clients socially and economically by availing them modern Inclusive Financial Services that maximise their opportunities.
Our Vision
To be the leading provider of Inclusive Financial Services championing the socio-economic prosperity of the people of Africa.
Our Mission
To empower the economically active rural and urban households and businesses through provision of diversified, ethical, sustainable and affordable financial services in a manner that is convenient and simple.
Our Corporate
We are guided by honesty and strong moral principles in all our dealings. We deliver our products with all righteousness and nobility being fair and truthful to all our clients and stakeholders. We strongly believe that only when we are trustworthy in our business conduct, then we can be able to deliver at our best.
Working together at Inclusive Financial Services (Private) Limited is success. We operate as a team and this enables us to be efficient and effective. This satisfies us andkeeps our clients and stakeholders satisfied too.
We love what we do. We love our clients and our stakeholders. We strongly believe that nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. We are fired up tomake the impossible happen.
Our lifestyle is translating ideas or inventions into goods or services that create value for our clients and stakeholders. We make imaginations a reality.
We keep our word in action. We do that which we say we will do. Completion, attainment, realisation and fulfilment punctuate our operations, daily.
We strive to be unusually good in everything we do and so we surpass ordinary standards and we inspire the same in all our clients and stakeholders. “We are what we repeatedly do; excellence is not and act but a habit!

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Corporate Social Responsibility

it's all about the Community

Inclusive Finance
Inclusive Impact
At Inclusive Finance we believe in pro-active community engagement and responsibility, we always strive to take an active and positive social role in our communities.
We carry out environmental responsibility, community welfare responsibility, philanthropic responsibility amongst other community impact activities.
Some of the our the organisations we assist include:
  • Khayelihle Children's Village
  • Sandra Jones Children's Home
  • Emthunzini Wethemba Children’s Home
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