Vendor Loans

The requirements are as follows:

  1. 1. You are encouraged to be in groups
  2. 2. Valid vending licence
  3. 3. Identification details
  4. 4. Proof of residence


  1. 1. Flexible repayment terms
  2. 2. Excellent terms for entrepreneurs


This product is tailor made for more women to realise their dreams. It gives you the advantages of bulk buying, cost saving,flexible terms, and easy access to finance.


Youth Loans

The requirements are as follows:

  1. 1. 20-35 years of age
  2. 2. Rural and Urban Entrepreneurs
  3. 3. Should have been trained to run a business
  4. 4. Minimum trading period of 6 months
  5. 5. Cashflow based lending, do not worry about collateral


  1. 1. Viable Interest rates for youth entrepreneurs
  2. 2. Flexible repayment terms
  3. 3. Excellent terms for young women entrepreneurs products
  4. 4. We link you to markets


Inclusive Financial Services offers support to young entrepreneurs by offering loans and business advisory services. The Youth Entrepreneurship Development Support Programme is aimed at assisting youths who are already in business to realise the full potential of their businesses. We challenge young women entrepreneurs to get into businesses previously dominated by men. We know you can do it!.


Micro-Enterprise Loans

The requirements are as follows:

  1. 1. Valid trading licence
  2. 2. Identification documents for the borrower and the guarantor
  3. 3. Proof of Residence
  4. 3. Access for our team to visit your enterprise


  1. 1. Wide range of acceptable collateral(where appropriate)
  2. 2. Competitive interest rates
  3. 3. Quick turn-around
  4. 4. Dedicated wealth creation associates providing exceptional service and sound financial advice
  5. 5. Easy to manage tailored instalments/repayments


Our micro-enterprise loans are tailor made to capacitate growth of your enterprise. We understand your needs as a small enterepreneur whether you are in a rural or urban set-up. We understand your preferences as a woman in business and we have favourable terms. Our loans in this segment range from as low as USD300.00 to USD5000.00. Our Repayment terms are matched with the cashflow generation capacity of your enterprise. We mentor you at no cost in growing your business and our staff have deep understanding of cashflow based lending which removes the burden of failing to access funding just because you have no security. We are inclusive. Come in and talk to any of our Wealth Creation Associates.


Small to Medium Enterprises Loans

The requirements are as follows:

  1. 1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. 2. Articles of Association
  3. 3. Board resolution to borrow
  4. 4. Directors' Identification
  5. 5. CR14 and CR2


  1. 1. Loans with limit based on business capacity
  2. 2. Wide range of acceptable collateral
  3. 3. Competitive interest rates
  4. 4. Quick turn-around
  5. 5. Dedicated Wealth Creation Associates providing exceptional service and sound financial advice
  6. 5. Easy to manage tailored instalments


Inclusive Financial Services (Private) Limited strives to provide small to medium enterprises with total financial solutions to maximize their business growth. We act as your partner to help support and grow your business to make it to the next level, delivering cost effective solutions. We have noted that mainstream banking tends to shun SMEs because they want to deal with large exposures. Money lenders have no capacity to adequately address your needs as they consider you too big. So they say you are in the middle of nowhere. Inclusive Financial Services is your right partner, you are not alone. We tag along with you, giving you facilities ranging between USD5000.00 and USD25 000.00.


Agriculture Loans

The requirements are as follows:

  1. 1. Our agriculture Wealth Creation Associates will work with you small holder farmers in mapping your project and identifying the market for your produce
  2. 2. Project must already be running
  3. 3. Recommendation letter from village head/chief


  1. 1. Viable interest rates, suitable for farmers
  2. 2. Market Linkages
  3. 3. Farmers training and capacitation
  4. 4. Group formations where necessary
  5. 5. Cash-flow based lending


Inclusive Financial Services has a very broad Vision set at championing the socio-economic prosperity of the people of Africa. The product is geared towards funding all segments of the agriculture sector.

IFS will finance Input supply, Production, Processing, Distribution and Retailing in the following sectors:

  • 1. Feedlot Models
  • 2. Communal Irrigation Schemes
  • 3. Organised Poultry projects
  • 4. Organised Fisheries
  • 5. Piggery Projects
  • 6. Goat projects
  • 7. Horticulture

As Inclusive Financial Services, we believe in agriculture financing as the best model to assist small holder farmers who, most of the time, lack security to secure finance for their income generating farming activities. It is the way to commercialize small holder farming. We encourage rural women to take up this facility.


Micro Leasing

The requirements are as follows:

  1. 1. You must be involved in a productive economic activity that is viable
  2. 2. Quotation of equipment to be purchased
  3. 3. 25% deposit of the purchase value

Benefits/ Conditions of Service

  1. 1. Flexible repayment terms
  2. 2. Viable interest rates
  3. 3. Group financing structure(where applicable)
  4. 4. Convenient repayment (Ecocash, Telecash, branch, Bank transfers)
  5. 5. Quick processing time


Inclusive Financial Services offers support to cooperatives, SME’s, small holder farmers, irrigations and individual micro entrepreneurs through leasing of production equipment which is of critical purpose to the business. We challenge both female and male entrepreneurs to get into business and obtain assets through our tailor made micro-leasing financing.


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Personal Loans

The requirements are as follows:

  1. 1. Current Payslip
  2. 2. Confirmation letter of employment from the employer(Should be a permanent employee)
  3. 3. 3 months bank statement
  4. 4. Proof of current residence


  1. 1. Provides a bridging gap between your needs and your salary dates
  2. 2. Low interest rates
  3. 3. Fast turn around time.


Consumer loans are for funerals, medical bills, utility bills, school fees, lobola even holidays, For Bulawayo City Council employees kindly view this banner .

We are welcoming applications for this type of finance from: University Employees, City Council Employees, ZESA Emplyees, Polytechnic Employees, Shear Water Employees, Civil Servants


Micro-Housing Loans

The requirements are as follows:

  1. 1. Title Deeds or intention to purchase land


  1. 1. Flexible repayment terms
  2. 2. Viable interest rates
  3. 3. Dedicated team providing excellent service and financial advice.
  4. 4. Enhancing living conditions and it is also an investment.
  5. 5. Repayments can be made at any of the branches of Inclusive financial services.


High demand for shelter calls for micro housing assistance. Inclusive Financial Services offers an innovative and sustainable channel for finance access to improve houses or having renovations. This product supports a wide range of housing activities including but not limited to: repair, renovation, and improvements to existing structures, purchase of land, new construction and even improvement in infrastructure facilities. As Inclusive Financial Services we believe in transforming livelihoods of our clients socially and economically with micro housing we will ensure that our clients have personal safety and health since shelter is a basic human need..

What we finance

House developments i.e building, Roofing etc.

House Renovations i.e painting etc.

House Purchase provided you have another house.


Green Finance

It is our passion to promote win-win initiatives which alleviate poverty and provide global environment benefits. Inclusive Financial Services aims to generate positive environment impacts by offering specific financial and non-financial services to promote environmentally-friendly businesses, practices and the acquisition of clean energy technologies.
We educate our clients to embrace the missing bottom-line environment sustainability. Thus we educate our clients on:

  • 1. Clean, renewable technology which both reduces adverse environmental impact and creates economic assets
  • 2. Sustainable agriculture
  • 3. Safe water and improved sanitation systems, and
  • 4. Our role as business enterprises in mitigating climate change.

Our Green Loans

Solar finance, energy efficiency loans, and micro-leasing

We give loans to farmers, households, rural schools and enterprises to acquire solar energy equipment, e.g.

  • 1. Solar water pumps
  • 2. Solar dryers
  • 3. Solar panels
  • 4. Solar power systems

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Five year warranty on solar panels with a life span of twenty-five years
  • 2. No security required

Bee-keeping loans

We provide excellent loans for those interested in bee-keeping. and we link you to the markets.

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Flexible loan repayments
  • 2. No collateral required

Borehole-drilling facility/Drip irrigation equipment loans

We offer loans for drilling and equipping boreholes for farmers, households and school facilities, especially rural schools Clients are encouraged to use solar power and get quality advice and relationship management from our Agribusiness Wealth Creation Associates.

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Flexible loan repayments
  • 2. We provide micro-insurance
  • 3. No collateral required


Advisory Services

Our Training and Advisory Services are offered on the following basis:

  1. 1) Inclusive Financial Services offers training on business management. This is through Inclusive Financial Services dedicating a Wealth Creation Associate (WCA) who will mentor you, visit your operations and advise you on generally acceptable business practices and how you can grow your business.
  2. 2) Our WCAs offer you advice on registration and tax compliance.
  3. 3) Our WCAs trains and advise you on proper business record keeping and book-keeping.
  4. 4) Where you are involved in our group lending products, the WCA will mentor you on group dynamics
  5. 5) Our WCA will do regular visits to your operations to advise you and nurture your business as well as the relationship you have with Inclusive Financial Services.
  6. 6) We can assist in linking you to the market.
  7. 7) You will be invited to our various business training seminars to help you become big in your operations.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get a loan at Inclusive financial Services

Visit our nearest branch and you can easily get assistance or call on +263 9 79 048/9

What are Inclusive financial Services's Interest rates

They never exceed 10% and they vary from product to product, visit our branches and get enough information or call us at +263 79 9 048/49


Contact Person at Head Office

Head Office
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139 Jason Moyo St,
Between 14th and 15th Ave,
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Contacts details of our Branches

Sharon Haven Mall
Sharon Haven Mall,
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Between 14th and 15th Ave,
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Hwange Branch
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Kwekwe Branch
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Tel: +263 55 25863

Zvishavane Branch
9 Robert Mugabe Way,
Tel: +263 51 3781

Gweru Branch
Shop No. 1,
Fitzgerald Building,
34 Lobengula Street,
Tel: +263 54 220059

Chiredzi Branch
Shop No. 1,
Stand 8815,
Inyati Road,
Tel: +263 231 2431

Gokwe Branch
Shop No. 1,
Stand 7199,
Kwekwe Road,

Gutu Branch
Stand No. 667,
Mupandawana Growth Point
Tel: +263 9 79048/9

Shurugwi Branch
Shop No. 90A ,
Main Street,
Tel: +263 9 79048/9


Inclusive Financial Services Honoured for Excellent Service

The trophy and certificate of excellence

As history is made in all forms and memories created through well-orchestrated events such as the recently held Zimbabwe Institute of Management awards. On Friday the 26th of May 2017 IFS Team were invited to a dinner to mark an awards ceremony under the Zimbabwe Institute of Management umbrella. The dinner was held at Mpala Conference and Catering Centre in Bulawayo.

Zimbabwe Institute of Management (ZIM) is an autonomous, non-profit making, membership-based organisation founded in 1957. Its objective is to promote and develop best practices in management and leadership.

Inclusive Financial Services scooped the Customer Service Excellence 2016 award from Zimbabwe Institute of Management. Being honoured for being the best organisation providing excellent customer service.

As an organisation we believe in the client principles which guide us to treat our clients as kings and queens. Some of the principles we believe in include:

  • Designing products that effectively cater for our clients’ needs.
  • Communicating effectively, clearly and adequately all our procedures and processes.
  • Fair and respectful treatment of our clients.
  • Maintaining client data confidentiality.
  • Resolving client complaints in a professional manner.

  • This award encourages the team to continue putting in more effort in providing excellent service and also points out that we as Inclusive Financial Services are on the right track to being the leaders in client service excellence.

    Realising Dreams, Transforming Lives Together!

    The CEO holding the certificate while the COO carries the trophy


    Inclusive Financial Services Awarded Best Supporting SMEs for 2016 ZNCC Midlands Chapter

    Inclusive Financial Services Awarded Best Supporting SMEs for 2016 ZNCC Midlands Chapter.

    Without doing themselves at the Midlands Awards ceremony, IFS scooped a prize for best supporting financier of SME’s Midlands Chapter of ZNCC awards 2017. Having travelled a couple of kilometres to attend this event, the team represented the organisation in its well clad IFS-Way corporate wear, which made it all the easier to be spotted even for the award and other to come. As our products now encompass SME’s, it was with such honour that IFS received this award as it showed that indeed the market is vastly seeking our assistance and we will endeavour to reach all SME’s in Midlands and across the nation.


    IFS shakes the technology realm in Microfinance

    Inclusive financial services won the award for the most innovative use of technology using Musoni Software. Musoni is a cloud-based, core-banking system used by organisations all around the world. The software has been consistently proven to help financial organisations improve efficiency, reduce costs, and expand outreach into the rural areas where the majority of the unbanked live.

    Musoni has pioneered the use of new technology in microfinance, and as such is integrated with multiple mobile money transfer services, includes an SMS module for the sending of automated payment reminders, a tablet app that loan officers can use for offline data capture, a mobile banking app for clients and credit scoring to improve lending decisions. Musoni therefore helps financial organisations to leverage the latest technology.

    Inclusive Financial Services is one of the leading microfinance institution operating from the Southern Region using latest technology and is not stopping there it is investing in technology to make lending and other processes involved in lending easier.


    Inclusive Financial Services outshines other MFI's

    Inclusive Financial Services has segmented its target market to ensure deeper understanding of client needs and propelling the apparatus of the organisation to serve clients well. The organisation has tailor-made facilities for youth entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, agriculture value chain or small holder farmers, where farmers not only get funding but are linked with the market for their produce and suppliers of inputs. The organisation has good facilities for rural micro entrepreneurs and supports heavily the SMEs. Additionally to its product range, the organisation is now also offering micro leasing, micro housing and advisory services.

    Inclusive Financial Services has financed a lot of smallholders farmers mainly women engaged in sesame, beans, groundnuts, maize, chicken and paprika production to name a few of the organisation’s developmental initiatives. The company has successfully financed a huge number of youth entrepreneurs, microenterprises and SMEs targeting the productive sector.


    Dr Gerald Zhou wins Service Executive of the year while Inclusive is Service Excellence winner of the year 2016

    Inclusive Financial Services is one of the leading microfinance institution operating from the Southern Region. Inclusive Financial Services has eleven branches nationwide covering Manicaland, Masvingo, Midlands and all the Matabeleland provinces. What is outstanding about Inclusive Financial Services is the client-centric culture which is evident in any of the branches. Clients feel valued and the organisation goes extra miles to ensure that clients’ micro businesses are transformed. “It’s not only about just giving our clients money as loans, as an organisation we value the relationship and the impact of our relationship with our clients. It’s not duty but a call to ensure clients realize their dreams”, said Gerald Zhou, the company’s CEO at the recent CCAZ ceremony held in Bulawayo recently.

    In one’s interaction with any of the organisation’s staff members, it’s very apparent that the employees are well groomed and mentored to give excellent service to all clients. Gerald Zhou the organisation’s CEO advised that the organisation has systems in place that solicit for client feedback, complaints and suggestions which then enable the organisation to roll out client preferred products, charge acceptable interest rates and stay ahead of client expectations. It is no surprise that Gerald Zhou was voted the CCAZ Service Executive of the year 2016 while Inclusive Financial Services was voted the Service Excellence winner for the year 2016 in the microfinance service sector category. Inclusive Financial Services is the only internationally rated microfinance institution in the Southern Region so far by Microfinanza an international microfinance rating institution based in Italy. With proper delivery microfinance plays a key role in economic development.


    Dr Gerald Zhou bags yet another prestigious award - Megafest CEO of the Year 2016

    “Excellence is not an act but a habit”, that’s what Dr Gerald Zhou always emphasises to his team at Inclusive Financial Services.

    It is clear that he now has a habit of getting excellence accolades year after year as Inclusive Financial Services continues to shine. On 28 October 2016 at the glamorous occasion attended by the top business leaders in the Southern Region, Dr Gerald Zhou was crowned the Megafest Chief Executive Officer of the year 2016.

    Amid thunderous applauses as he accepted the award he said “It is a great, pleasant and yet humbling honour to receive such an award as it was for all the people in the Southern Region”. He thanked the panel of judges for the recognition. He was out of words in terms of his gratitude to the Inclusive Financial Services team for the sterling efforts in transforming communities and livelihoods. He applauded Inclusive Financial Services team for outstanding client service and thanked the clients for their support for the Inclusive Financial Services brand.

    Dr Gerald Zhou has won a number of accolades over the past years as the organisation continues to grow setting the international standards for good microfinance practice in Zimbabwe. Inclusive Financial Services (Private) Limited is the first and only microfinance company to be internationally rated in Zimbabwe’s Southern Region. The company was recently rated by Microfinanza an international rating agency head officed in Italy.


    Gerald Zhou: Megafest Businessman of the Year 2015

    The Managing Director of Inclusive Financial Services was recently honoured at the Megafest National Business Awards, where he won the award for Businessman of the year 2015.

    This is not the first time the IFS managing director has been recognised in business circles, finance and microfinance.

    He has won 1st Runner up Megafest Management Team Builder of the year award 2012, Megafest Business Excellence Award 2014, ZNCC Business Man of the Year Award 2014 Southern Region and ZNCC Zimbabwe National 2nd Runner up Business Man of the Year Award 2014. He is showing the country as a whole that microfinance can transform businesses and small holder farmers in Zimbabwe.


    Inclusive Financial Services awarded with 1st Runner up National Financial Institution Supporting SMEs (ZNCC) 2016

    Inclusive Financial Services stepped up again by emerging as a proud first runner up award winner of the Best Financial Institution Supporting MSME category at the National ZNCC awards. Cementing its reputation of providing full support of financial services to SMEs in Zimbabwe, Inclusive Financial Services outshined by scooping the Financial Institution supporting SME First runners up Award. The Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce Awards took place on the 29th of June 2017 at Elephant Hills Hotel in Victoria Falls on an event that marked the Inauguration of a new ZNCC National Executive Board. It was an exceptional day filled with excitement at the venue with more than 40 cooperates present. The 3 award winners of the Financial Institutions Supporting MSME category were Agribank, Inclusive Financial Services and CBZ holdings.


    Inclusive Financial Services Honoured for Excellent Service in Lowveld

    Following the success of winning the National Financial Institution Supporting SMEs (ZNCC) 2016 Award from the Zimbabwe Institute of Management in July 2017, Inclusive financial services stepped up again by emerging as a proud winner of the given two awards. Cementing its reputation of providing full spectrum of financial services in Zimbabwe, Inclusive financial services outshined by scooping the Lowveld Community Choice Micro Finance Award winner and The Excellence and service Award at the Lowveld Community Development Awards. The Lowveld Community Development Awards took place on the 22nd of July 2017 at The Palm Tree Place Hotel in Chiredzi.It was an exceptional day filled with excitement and a gentle breeze quietly drifted at the place with more than 30 cooperates present.


    Inclusive Financial Services Comes Tops Nationally In Client Service Excellence.

    Excellent client service is at the core of Inclusive Financial Services’ business operations. Inclusive Financial Services once again and as almost expected been rated as one of the best companies offering client service nationally. The organisation scooped one of the most coveted and prestigious business award, getting recognition at the recently held Zimbabwe Institute of Management National Awards Gala Dinner held on 1st of September 2017 in Harare. Inclusive Financial Services got the National Leadership Excellence in Customer Services Excellence Award. Upon being honoured with such a prestigious award ahead of many other corporates nationally, the CEO of Inclusive Financial Services Dr Gerald Zhou said, “The award is a humbling and yet exciting honor to the Inclusive Financial Services team. As an organisation we continue to innovate and learn how to exceed our clients’ expectations. We do this not for our clients only but for other businesses and other microfinance institutions to learn and imitate best practice so that all the clients nationally have life-time pleasant experiences when they are served”.

    The CEO of Inclusive Financial Services further advised that there was more arsenal in his bag that is going to leave Inclusive Financial Services’ current and prospective clients with a “WOW” and as such clients should make it a point to keep visiting or talking to IFS team members. Inclusive Financial Services is one of the leading Microfinance companies that has continued to outpace its peers not only in client service but also in reach and living to true microfinance principles.

    Date: 10 September 2017




    "Within a year of starting the programme I had enrolled in university, bought my own car and bought my own residential stand" - Talent Tuhwe from Kwekwe started her own business a few years ago, buying and selling traditional fabrics sourced from Zambia. Talent was one of 9,000 youths who received financial literacy training under Zimbabwe:Works. Sixty-eight percent of these youths were women. With this training and a loan from one of the local micro-credit associations that partnered with Zimbabwe:Works, Talent was able to expand her range and import fabrics not only from Zambia but from as far away as Tanzania and Kenya as well.

    Using her profits, Talent was able to enrol for a Masters degree in Development Studies at Midlands State University. She says: "Within a year of starting the Zimbabwe:Works programme I had enrolled in university, bought my own car and bought my own residential stand so I could sell my products. How did this make me feel? Empowered! I have been able to educate myself and support myself. I have the freedom and confidence to try to better myself."

    The advice Talent has for other young women entrepreneurs is: "Be motivated, innovative and passionate, take risks and empower yourself."

    #entrepreneurship #ChangingLives #LeaveNoOneBehind #UKaid DFID - UK Department for International Development Embassy of Sweden in HarareU.S. Embassy Harare



    Inclusive Financial Services Awarded A Certificate Of Recognition For Financing Youth Entrepreneurs.

    It was all smiles today (27 September 2017) when delegates from International Youth Foundation Susan Ryce and Elizabeth Chigwidi visited inclusive Financial Services Head Office to award the institution for its sterling efforts in financing youth entrepreneurs. Inclusive Financial Services microfinance institution is part of the Zimbabwe Work Programme which focuses on training youth entrepreneurs and access to finance. Inclusive Financial Services welcomed the programme in 2016 as it matched very well with its mission of transforming lives and making people realise dreams. As at end of year 2016 more than 1470 youth entrepreneurs had accessed finance through inclusive Financial Services. To date the number of youth entrepreneurs accessing financing through inclusive Financial Services is bullish. The number excludes repeat loans. Inclusive Financial Services is indeed championing financial inclusion and many youth entrepreneurs are benefiting in business. On receiving the certificate of achievement, the CEO, Dr Gerald Zhou appreciated the value that the Zimbabwe Works Programme has given to the youth entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe. He advised that the organisation will continue to finance youth entrepreneurs. Among other developmental and inclusive financial strategies that the organisation has embarked on, Inclusive Financial Services microfinance is now offering entrepreneurship loans to people with disabilities. This adds to its current portfolio of microhousing, microleasing, SME finance, agriculture value chain financing, rural household microfinance and green energy finance. The organisation is defying the odds of a tough environment and has expanded its branch network to cover most parts of the country especially rural areas where financial inclusion is a priority.


    Midlands Crowns Inclusive Financial Services Microfinance Institution As The Most Customer Focused Organisation.

    Inclusive Financial Services microfinance has once been voted the most customer focused microfinance institution in the Midlands province. This time around it’s not only Zimbabwe Chamber of Industry and Commerce, or the Chamber of Small to Medium Association that has endorsed this title for Inclusive Financial Services. Megafest Holdings has rated Inclusive Financial Services as the most customer focused organisation in the province in 2017 at the inaugural awards ceremony held in Gweru on 29 September 2017. A visit into any of Inclusive Financial Services’ branches leaves a visitor with a refreshing experience. The organisation adheres to consumer protection principles according to International Standards and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe regulations. Inclusive Financial Services Company has become a brand above the rest in Zimbabwe Microfinance industry. The organisation is developmental oriented focusing on micro enterprises, SMEs, agriculture, value chain financing, micro housing, micro leasing among other products. The organisation’s CEO, Dr Gerald Zhou on receiving the award, on behalf of Inclusive Financial Services Company, took the opportunity to advise that the organisation was adding 3 additional branches now complete and ready to open in Gokwe, Shurugwi and Gutu. The organisation has been winning various awards since its inception in 2012.


    Inclusive Financial Services Wins big at Megafest 2017 Southern Region Awards Ceremony.

    Inclusive Financial Services scooped big last night at the Megafest Awards ceremony Southern Region held at Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel. Inclusive Financial Services won the award of The Most Marketed Organisation. The Chief Executive Officer Dr Gerald Zhou won Excellent Business Personality of the year 2017 Award for Southern Region. The Chief Operating Officer Mr Norman Chagwiza won as 1st Runner Up for Young Manager of the year Award 2017. Speaking at the glamorous event the CEO of Megafest Dr T P Matsika commended Inclusive Financial Services for consistently focusing on giving excellent service throughout the country noting that the organisation was now wide spread and still growing despite the economic environment. Inclusive Financial Services is continuing to shine in the country as one of the leading microfinance company under the leadership of Dr Gerald Zhou..

    28 October 2017


    Design and Delivery Sprint: Alternative Models for Enterprise Finance in Zimbabwe.

    *Announcement of Round One Winners*

    In June 2017, FSD Africa launched: ‘Design and Delivery Sprint: Alternative Models for Enterprise Finance in Zimbabwe’ in Harare in partnership with Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, the SME Association of Zimbabwe, and DFID Zimbabwe. The objective is to find new, robust models to deepen the provision of good quality credit to Zimbabwe’s entrepreneurs and growing companies.

    In September 2017, FSD Africa received 14 strong applications, which were assessed for feasibility, relevance and potential impact by a panel of independent judges from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, SMEAZ, DFID Zimbabwe and FSD Kenya.

    We are now pleased to announce four winners, who will each receive an accelerator grant of £10,000: 1) Harare Receivables Exchange, 2) Inclusive Financial Services, 3) Zimbabwe Microfinance Fund, and 4) Thrive. Please find more details of each company and their products below.

    According to Joe Huxley, FSD Africa’s Director of Regional Strategies: "Between them, these four firms represent the brightest and best models in digital micro-credit, invoice discounting and alternative credit assessment in Zimbabwe. We look forward to the galvanising contributions they could make to the country’s credit markets."

    Applications to Round 2 are due in February 2018. Up to two winners will receive up to £500,000 investment from FSD Africa.

    For further details of the judging process (including the Judges’ Bios) and Design and Delivery Sprint itself please visit the FSD Africa website.

    *FSD Africa reserves the right to award financial assistance to partners at its own discretion.

    Inclusive Financial Services

    IFS is a registered microfinance institution specialising in provision of financial services to microenterprises, SMEs, agriculture value chains and smallholder farmers. The seed capital will go a long way in assisting us meet the expenses in project implementation and user testing of the credit wallet for micro enterprises and smallholder farmers.

    About FSD Africa

    FSD Africa is a non-profit company which aims to increase prosperity, create jobs and reduce poverty by bringing about a transformation in financial markets in SSA and in the economies, they serve. It provides know-how and capital to champions of change whose ideas, influence and actions will make finance more useful to African businesses and households. It is funded by the UK Government through the Department for International Development.

    For more information about FSD Africa’s activities and current updates follow our social media platforms:


    For more details click here